Who Are You?: Trevor
Where Are You?: Swansea Wales UK
What Are You?: Human
What do you make?: I fix things. I make a mess.
What do you love?: Music. Beer. Sex.
What do you hate?: Hangovers.
What do you listen to?: The Jesus And Mary Chain
What do you watch?: Football and Rugby
What do you drink?: alcohol
What do you smoke?: not at all
What do you take?: billywhizz
What do you believe in?: um. um. um.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Swansea Wales
What were you?: A school kid
What did you wear?: the goth punk look
What did you listen to?: Goth/Punk/Metal
What did you watch?: no TV
What did you love?: Brenda
What did you hate?: being skint
What did you drink?: see above
What did you smoke?: weed
What did you take?: not then - that came later
What did you want to be?: rich
Who did you fight?: I hid.
Who/What did you believe in?: um. um. um
Where did you go?: Newcastle.. University, England
What did you learn?: that beer is cheaper in the North East and Further/higher education is an expensive waste of time