ian turton @ sinister

Where are you? At home in Shepherds Bush, London

What are you? lost, found

What do you make? I guess if I were American, Iíd think you meant dollar wise. Iím not.

What do you love? My mum and dad. Rain. Country music. Moments.

What do you hate? Lenny Kravitz.

What do you listen to? Country music. Foul Play. Galaxie 500. Jimmie Smith. Razorcuts. WC & The Maad Circle. B & S. Tom Waits. The Drifters.

What do you watch? Frazier. 7 Up. Leicester City Football Club.

What do you drink? Guiness. Bottled lagers. Red wine. Most spirits, esp. good whisky

What do you smoke? Donít. Canít.

What do you take? Salbutamol , see above. Cocaine. Eís, when Iím too drunk to remember it turns me into a pyschopath. Which is fortunately only once a year or so.

What do you believe in? Music. V-necks. Short hair. Stress KILLS

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you? Living with my parents in a village near Leicester.

    What were you? Cocky little fucker

    What did you wear? No pop íuniformsí, just rubbish clothes

    What did you listen to? UB40

    What did you watch? Cheers.

    What did you love? Not sure Iíd formed the capacity.

    What did you hate? Whatís this one without the other, eh?

    What did you drink? Thunderbirds. Guiness. Cider. Lager.

    What did you smoke? Didnít. Wouldnít.

    What did you take? Crikey. Nothing.

    What did you want to be? Actor. I didnít just want it, I was *convinced* Iíd be one. Hyuka hurl.

    Who did you fight? Mark Jackson. Gave him a proper black eye.

    Who/What did you believe in? Saying sorry would make it all better

    Where did you go? This question makes me sad

    What did you learn? I have the power to hurt people. And to make them feel better. I feel a bit happier now.