Who Are You?: I am unique
Where Are You?: Uppsala, Sweden
What Are You?: I'm many things that end with -ist. But I don't like to boast about it.
What do you make?: Tea, sometimes, prefferably Yogi-tea. And I'm working on a unnamed fanzine.
What do you love?: My partner, my friens, my family, my country. Only kidding, I'm pretty far from being a nationalist.
What do you hate?: I get really upset at liberalism and conservatism. And cars. I don't like cars.
What do you listen to?: Many Swedish bands, namely fint tillsammans, bob hund, doktor kosmos and Teenage Idols.
What do you watch?: I'm watching the ships go by.
What do you drink?: I only drink when I'm not paying. So I'm very rarely drunk.
What do you smoke?: Neither.
What do you take?: I don't understand. Is this some kind of drug-reference?
What do you believe in?: I belive that people are good

When We Were 16

Where were you?: I wentt to school in Ronneby, Blekinge, Sweden. But I lived at my parents house in Belganet.
What were you?: Confused
What did you wear?: Nothing in particular. Well, I had clothes, but you wouldn't notice me on the streets or something.
What did you listen to?: I only write the bands that I'm not embarresed about: Early Bob Marley/Wailers, De La Soul and Small faces. Everyone else was listening to Iron Maiden and Nirvana.
What did you watch?: I watched a lot of comercials since that was the first year we had comecial-TV.
What did you love?: I was too weak to love.
What did you hate?: I didn't like the girls in my class.
What did you drink?: I think it's called moonshine in English.
What did you smoke?: Nothing, I hadn't even heard of anyone smoking marihuana.
What did you take?: Don't understand.
What did you want to be?: I wanted to be a popstar.
Who did you fight?: I ran away instead.
Who/What did you believe in?: I don't remember.
Where did you go?: I went out every friday and got very drunk.
What did you learn?: To control my consumtion of alcohol.