Where Are You?: The ass of the world, otherwise known as Seattle's University District.
What Are You?: A young man destined for greatness . . . a great mind on the threshold of a breakthrough. Or maybe just a college student with delusions of grandeur but without much of a clue
What do you make?: Very little sense, a great deal of noise, and a mean chocolate chip cookie.
What do you love?: The smell of napalm in the morning (duh). Driving fast at night, the thrill of a math problem solved, tickle fights.
What do you hate?: Mediocrity, boredom, waste
What do you listen to?: Music: Throwing Muses (right now!), Pixies, REM, Beatles, Pavement, etc. . . Otherwise: the sound of VICTORY!!
What do you watch?: A thousand tiny elves climbing a vast tower comprised of many thousands of books . . . somehow I know that in thse books is the story of my life, everything I've ever experienced or felt. But if I try to approach this tower to look at the books, the elves poke at me with their pitchforks and scream about the Revolution. . . the hamsters begin raining down then, collecting in little puddles of rodents that slowly grow into lakes. The snakes are angry tonight . . . quiet you bastard! They might hear us!!
What do you drink?: Coffee!, water in one form or another, coke, Busch when appropriate
What do you smoke?: not enough of what everyone else seems to be on
What do you take?: life with a grain of salt.
What do you believe in?: Loud music, sleeping late, my abilities to an extent, and the ability of the universe to play a great big joke on us all that we call life.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Seattle, WA attending Lakeside high school
What were you?: the target of a collosal hoax
What did you wear?: clothes, when not showering or sleeping
What did you listen to?: Alice in Chains, Beatles, Soundgarden, Nine Inch Nails, REM. NOT my parents
What did you watch?: X-Files, life begin to pass me by
What did you love?: Cindy for some strange reason I can't quite recall
What did you hate?: Cindy for reasons that are abundantly clear Being ignored
What did you drink?: nothing interesting
What did you smoke?: nothing interesting
What did you take?: nothing interesting
What did you want to be?: College
Who did you fight?: The Man!! We stuck it to 'im
Who/What did you believe in?: I didn't believe in anything! Everything just tried to keep me down, but I fought!
Where did you go?: Lunch
What did you learn?: How to drive (sorta), lots of school things. Not much else.