jonathan vandenberg

Who Are You?: jonathan vandenberg
Where Are You?: at a desk, looking at the city
What Are You?: tired and pining
What do you make?: not much
What do you love?: a girl called tania
What do you hate?: stupidity and ignorance
What do you listen to?: karate, belle and sebastian, rainer maria, lots of other stuff
What do you watch?: not much
What do you drink?: james boags premium
What do you smoke?: rubber
What do you take?: liberties
What do you believe in?: God, and man's inhumanity to man

When We Were 16

Where were you?: watching telly
What were you?: bored mostly. finishing school
What did you wear?: corduroy shorts
What did you listen to?: the who, beck, rollins band
What did you watch?: star trek, the d generation
What did you love?: my dog
What did you hate?: not much
What did you drink?: strongbow cider
What did you smoke?: pot
What did you take?: my own sweet time
What did you want to be?: a university student
Who did you fight?: nobody
Who/What did you believe in?: God, and the board of tertiary studies
Where did you go?: america, and to the shops
What did you learn?: at 16 i had no idea about anything