on the verge of divorce

Who Are You?: a 40 year old woman on the verge of divorce
Where Are You?: in my inner world most of the time
What Are You?: a human being
What do you make?: sense of the chaos
What do you love?: my daughter, being aligned, connection, living fully
What do you hate?: righteousness, cowardess, dishonesty, raging
What do you listen to?: the sound of music as it comes through a 4 year old
What do you watch?: the past, with dispassion
What do you drink?: green tea, water, emergenC
What do you smoke?: grass
What do you take?: only what i give
What do you believe in?: the divine

When We Were 16

Where were you?: in a fog
What were you?: a catholic school girl/virgin
What did you wear?: uniforms
What did you listen to?: fleetwood mac
What did you watch?: tv
What did you love?: only myself
What did you hate?: being told no
What did you drink?: bourbon for the first and last time
What did you smoke?: cigarettes for five minutes
What did you take?: everything i could
What did you want to be?: happy
Who did you fight?: myself
Who/What did you believe in?: money
Where did you go?: taco bell
What did you learn?: everything and nothing