Who Are You?: vixen
Where Are You?: at my computer,in my house,in blackburn, england
What Are You?: strange and ethereal
What do you make?: friends, stories, jewelry and poetry
What do you love?: my family,friends, the idea of love, the x files, the film ten things i hate about you.
What do you hate?: negativity
What do you listen to?: gossip, music(all kinds).
What do you watch?: the x files, films, friends and popular
What do you drink?: vodka
What do you smoke?: nothing
What do you take?: insulin (i'm diabetic)
What do you believe in?: the existence of etra terrestrials, god, the earth, death, and reincarnation

When We Were 16

Where were you?: still here
What were you?: depressed
What did you wear?: school uniform, and anything unconventionable,black lipstick
What did you listen to?: lectures, gossip, music
What did you watch?: the x files, films and friends
What did you love?: my family, friends, the x files, martyn pugh, steven staffa and gareth woods
What did you hate?: my life
What did you drink?: vodka and cider
What did you smoke?: cigarettes
What did you take?: insulin
What did you want to be?: an english teacher and thinner
Who did you fight?: my mother
Who/What did you believe in?: i believed in my friends, the existance of et's,god, death and reincarnation
Where did you go?: to school and clubbing
What did you learn?: not much, only what i didn't want to be like (the popular girls, they were such bitches)