Wattie Mink

Who Are You?: Monday thru Friday, 9-5, my names Walter but after work I turn into Wattie Mink.
Where Are You?: In front of my PC in Newtonhill, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
What Are You?: Bored at my day job (wage slave), alive after five, happiest when I'm with family and friends who help build my WAL (work, art and love).
What do you make?: Strange noises, attempts at music and words, lots of effort at being happy...
What do you love?: My daughter Ailsa's innocense when she first opens her eyes in the morning, Morag for giving me everything, The other Minks for giving me a reason to listen....
What do you hate?: Racism, being unhappy, being skint, the same as most folks really.
What do you listen to?: Anything by Jim Shepherd or Sean O'Neil two guys who I think deserve a wider audience than the Pope.
What do you watch?: my mouth, cause it usually gets me in trouble.
What do you drink?: too much intoxicating fermented liquor and I also enjoy a good cup of tea now and again.
What do you smoke?: nuthin
What do you take?: a deep breath before I open the bank statement
What do you believe in?: that we all need something to believe in, no matter what it is

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Tillydrone, a working class housing estate in Aberdeen, Scotland.
What were you?: Still at school, too young to hang with the punks too old to like Buster Bloodvessel, a bit of a misfit.
What did you wear?: A stipey blazer from the clubby book to look like Weller (or so I thought) and a stupid smile on my face when the girls were around.
What did you listen to?: Anything and everything but a lot to My Mother, Scars, Buzzcocks, Clash and others who led me off in a different direction.
What did you watch?: Top of the Pops, Scotsport.
What did you love?: bursting plooks in front of the mirror, my dug called Major.
What did you hate?: same things as now really and having plooks on my face that needed burstin
What did you drink?: anything anybody had at the time, usually cider,lager,mixes stolen from parents drinks cupboards
What did you smoke?: nuthin
What did you take?: everything serious, magic mushrooms a few times
What did you want to be?: out of my face, out of Aberdeen, travelling around Europe. I ended up setting fire to my briefcase in Inverness trying to sell fire extinguishers, but thats another story
Who did you fight?: I wasted this guy on the school bus once, I felt bad about it but he did deserve it.
Who/What did you believe in?: Alex Ferguson, That anything was possible
Where did you go?: Valhalla's disco, saw loads of great bands in there.
What did you learn?: That there was a wide world out there and that paper-rounds paid pish money compared to delivering milk.