Who Are You?: weejay
Where Are You?: The Institute, Southampton
What Are You?: Student, layabout, wannabe scenester
What do you make?: Neuroses and collages
What do you love?: Humans, music, psycadelics
What do you hate?: The real world / paranoia thereof.
What do you listen to?: Pulp, Soft Machine, B&S, Gong, Yummy Fur, Mogwai, GSYBE, Kenickie, Minty, Mussorgsky, Syd Barrett & Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Bis, Menswe@r...
What do you watch?: People
What do you drink?: Whisky
What do you smoke?: Skunk
What do you take?: Ecstacy, LSD, Ibuprofen
What do you believe in?: Humanity

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Worcester
What were you?: Unformed, pure, *slightly* pretentious.
What did you wear?: Band T-Shirts, jeans
What did you listen to?: Blur, Pulp, Madder Rose, Elastica
What did you watch?: BBC2/C4 comedy. Anything slightly britpop related.
What did you love?: Joanne Gwilliam, Fanzines
What did you hate?: Computing, maths & chemistry
What did you drink?: Orange juice
What did you smoke?: Nothing at all
What did you take?: Gaviscon
What did you want to be?: A pop star
Who did you fight?: Myself
Who/What did you believe in?: Jarvis
Where did you go?: Nowhere
What did you learn?: How to fit in a little better