Jessica Wurster@California

Where are you? Claremont, California. in the computer graphics lab at school

What are you? currently: stressed, over-committed. generally: pleased to exist. a college student.

What do you make? art, supposedly. vegetable soup, as often as possible.

What do you love? late night discussions about nothing and everything. New York. cooking. my radio show. pop music.

What do you hate? hetero-patriarchal capitalism. ed kienholz.

What do you listen to? pop music. college radio. the hum of my computer.

What do you watch? lots and lots of films. professor/student dynamics.

What do you drink? water. herbal tea.

What do you smoke? an occasional clove.

What do you take? my time.

What do you believe in? people. everyday life. the Situationist International.

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you? archetypal suburban hell--Orange County, California.

    What were you? severely depressed, bored, a high school student.

    What did you wear? black.

    What did you listen to? the Smiths, Morrissey.

    What did you watch? only the most obscure films.

    What did you love? the Smiths.

    What did you hate? betrayal, my teachers, everyone at my high school.

    What did you drink? milk.

    What did you smoke? nothing.

    What did you take? nothing.

    What did you want to be? dead.

    Who did you fight? myself.

    Who/What did you believe in? Nothing.

    Where did you go? to my room, to listen to the Smiths.

    What did you learn? that friends cause pain, having crushes on straight girls is a really bad idea.

    October 1996.