Who Are You?: the last real ztt enthusiast on God's green earth.
Where Are You?: on my chair.
What Are You?: God's gift to sound.
What do you make?: an opportunity for every option.
What do you love?: ztt
What do you hate?: ztt
What do you listen to?: ztt
What do you watch?: whatcha got?
What do you drink?: cranberry juice, and its lesser parent water.
What do you smoke?: sausage.
What do you take?: more than enough, and all that can be had.
What do you believe in?: circles.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: i dunno, where were you?
What were you?: less than i am now.
What did you wear?: harvested plants tightly bound together. {cotton}
What did you listen to?: ztt
What did you watch?: the wildlife.
What did you love?: ztt
What did you hate?: ztt
What did you drink?: too much soda.
What did you smoke?: ham
What did you take?: ztt
What did you want to be?: more than i was in question 2, section 2.
Who did you fight?: no one
Who/What did you believe in?: ztt
Where did you go?: florida
What did you learn?: never go to florida