Modern Classics (page 1)

Welcome to the 'Modern Classics' section of the very fine Tangents site. In here we find ourselves with delightful views and reviews of what are hopefully contemporary events happening in the world of unpopular culture. We also find ourselves facing squarely the question of When Does A Modern Classic become a Popular Classic? Answer: 'It doesn't'. It just moves further down the list of contents.

We also find ourselves almost inevitably in the situation where the huge majority (if not the entirety) of the reviews are about musical moments frozen in the shining surfaces of CDs or, heaven forbid, vinyl records. Whatever... send us reviews of Other Things and we shall consider them for inclusion.

Anyway, here's what we have nesting in the secluded corners of the section right now:

Of Cappuccino and Polka-dot Shirts
Mark Morris is gobsmacked by Paolo Hewitt's Creation book

Chicago Soul Revolution Kevin Pearce on the new Sea and Cake record Oui

Songs of Praise Rupert Loydell with recent listening.

Old and Cranky Alistair Fitchett on recent reading

Hi-Ho Silver Lining Rob Lo on Alexanders Dark Band, 2 Lone Swordsmen and Horace Silver, amongst other things.

The Alphabet Is Useless
Alistair Fitchett on things he has been listening to:

A is for Aislers Set

B is for Baxendale
And D is for Daphne & Celeste

C is for the Clientele
With supporting cast of Arco, Sodastream and Herman Düne

Hyacinth Thistles
And a case of digressions

I destroy my heart to spite myself
Skipping right to Stars

The Smart and The Dumb Alistair Fitchett on The Magnetic Fields in London.

Pointless. Needless. Trivial. Everett True on Les Savy Fav @ The Free Butt, Brighton Thursday June 15th 2000

Don't drive. Can't drive. Won't drive Alistair Fitchett on American Dream: 36 Drivetime Classics and why he's never learned to drive.

Forever and For Now Alistair Fitchett on the Visitors' Miss.

You Will Have Your Revenge Alistair Fitchett back-tracks on Baxendale and witters on about Pop Moments again.

On A Sunday Rob Lo checks out the Sonic Boom show at the Hayward Gallery, London.

Are Friends Eclectic? Rupert Loydell on recent electronica releases Ohm and Vintage Volts.

Too Many Wine Gums Rob Lo on needle in the groove by Jeff Noon

Liquid Dub Poetics Rupert Loydell on needle in the groove by Jeff Noon

Sonic Mook Experiment! Pete Williams on Mookherjee.

Looking At The Mist On The Hudson Alistair Fitchett on, among other things, records by The Clientele, Stars, Aislers Set, Josef K, The Fan Modine, Departure Lounge, The Visitors, The Caribbean

Faded Photographs Are Never Enough Everett True on the 180° Album by Ninety Nine

Light Skimmed Wave Alistair Fitchett Listens to Yo La Tengo's And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out in Pezance and St Ives.

From Blue To Black Rupert Loydell on the new Joel Lane 'rock'n'roll' novel.

Fire Music Marino Guida on Val Wilmer's John Coltrane and Beyond.

Let Freedom Ring Rob Lo celebrates Free Jazz with a review of the Jazzactuel collection.

cornflower blue skied picnics Alistair Fitchett on The Clientele, Arco, Tuesday Weld and Overflower.

Witchcraft Rob Lo on the Blair Witch Project (what else?!)

A Case of Digressions Everett True on Kevin Rowland's My Beauty

69 Cobras and Snowstorms Alistair Fitchett on 'recent' listening

The Serpents' Kiss Alistair Fitchett on some new literature

How The West Could Be Won Cornelius in the UK: at the Reading Festival By Darren Beach

Juxtapose Pete Williams on the Tricky album.

Knowledge of Beauty Pete Williams on the return of Kevin Rowland.

The mysterious non-death of cinema Mark Morris on his favourite movies of 1999 so far.

The Sweet Forever Alistair Fitchett on the new novel by George P Pelecanos

PopNoir Blasts Alistair Fitchett on the Nick Stefanos books by George P Pelecanos

This Is A Journey Into Sound Kevin Pearce on Sam Prekop, Pop Noir and Tactical Listening.

On First Hearing HMS Fable Three Tangents writer with very different views on the highly anticipated Shack LP

March Modern Classics Recorings by Velocette, Luna, Talk Talk and Peter Thomas.

February 14th 1999 Some new records by Bis, Whistler and Built To Spill reviewed