Kevin Pearce

For All The Great Explorers
Kevin bids farwell

Heroes Wobble But They Don't Fall Down
Jah Wobble and a new Soul Jazz compilation

I just challenge anyone to listen to them and not cry
Honey Cone, Brigitte Fontaine, Thomas Leer, The Free Design and A.R. Kane

Damned if you do, damned if you don't
A story of shadows, ghosts and flowers

Whatever Happened to Swingbeat?
The Now Thing compilation

She started dancing to that fine, fine music
The Velvet Underground and Robert Quine

The recent reissue by The Wake

Trying to get back that feeling that I had in 1982
Kevin savages Scritti Politti's Songs To Remember

Missing In Action
A plea for Ze

Saturday September 15th 2001
Recent listening

Love With A Passion Called Hate!
The White Stripes' White Blood Cells

For Losers Only
Kevin ressurects Robert Lloyd and gives praise for the Prefects and the Nightingales

It's the same old sun
On Prefuse 73 and Panoptica

Johnny In The Echo Chamber
Some reggae reissue recommendations

The Curse of Tastefulness
The Crown Heights Affair and Andrea Parker.

A Different Story
The Ballad of The June Brides

Beauty Doesn't Come Any More Strange
Kleenex and LiLiPUT

The Most Important Building In Town
Celebrating the library

So Much Choice! So Much For Choice!
Kevin asks where to hear, and where to read about the new sounds

Context Is Everything
Kent records

Chicago Soul Revolution The Sea and Cake record Oui

Who Said Romance Was Dead? Pete Wylie and Wah!

What's the Difference? Ten Years Robert Wyatt and other Rebel Folk Singers

For All The Heart Broke Lovers Ringolevio by Emmett Grogan

A Ramble With Pram Kevin on his favourite group.

What're You Listening For? Kevin fits together Broadcast, The Pentangle and Adrian Sherwood.

What're You Reading Now Then? Some choice cuts from the bodies of thrillers and detectives.

Excuse me, but... Kevin shares his end of year listening pleasure, with the emphasis on Basic Channel type sounds.

What're You Reading Then? Davey Henderson and Walter Trevis, among others.

Reversing Out Of This Cul De Sac Reissues, the joy of Joyce and ESG

The Love That Dare Not Speak It's Name The New Mod revival of the late '70s

This Is A Journey Into Sound Sam Prekop, Pop Noir and Tactical Listening.

A Man Called Adam: Duende

clang! clang! clang! Happy Mondays, Debris and Laugh

It's About Time Pole, Basic Channel and Black Star.

The Rascals' Peaceful World

Noise Annoys Steve Walsh and Manicured Noise

That Summer Feeling is all about making compilation tapes. Here are Kevin's choice cuts for '99.

So what do you think of Pere Ubu? Kevin asks the question and tells you why the answer should be 'a great deal'.

Deeper The appeal of Deep Soul, taking in the inspiration found in Kent soul compilations on the way

The State We're In More of Dave Godin's Deep Soul Treasures, and Bob Dylan.

Electronic Renaissance The sounds of the Electronic Undergound: Stasis, As One etc.

The Label Fable Ten top labels including Mo wax, Postcard and Fetish...

Angels With Dirty Faces The books of S. E. Hinton and the spirit of the outsiders.

Dive For Your Memory Some memories of the Go-Betweens, one of the few groups to make it through the 1980's with style and substance intact.

The Make Up The Washington DC neo-modernist yelpers.

The Sea & Cake

Ui. A letter to Julian Cope about what makes New York's double bassed Ui so great and special.

Punk Rock Classics. Obscure 45 of the 1970's Punk age.

She Was Only A Gricer's Daughter. Irvine Welsh and the Trainspotting phenomenon given a sound thrashing.


Bedouin Ascent

A Man Called Adam

Bush Tetras