Robin Tomens

The Story Of Three Circles
DJ Shadow and Sub Pop's 'anthology of noise'

Aches, Pains and Shivers
Robin reviews three albums to cheer up the moping music junkies

Keeping It Real
Robin considers R&B, old and new

Everything You Could Be By Now If Sigmund Freud's Wife Was Your Mother
Robin on, amongst others, John Coltrane, Herbie Hancock, FSOL and Lisa Carbon

Ask The Dust
Robin reflects

All The Time In the World
A series or 12 articles that go from the Jonzun Crew to Don Ellis, the Chicago Underground Duo to Northern Soul, and far, far beyond...

Happy Daze
Robin ponders Soul in The Future, The Past and The Present. Includes talk of a Mod revival...

You’ll Know When You Get There
Herbie Hancock, Sun Ra and Louis Armstrong

Tokenism, Advice, And The Skies of Jamaica
Rob Lo with advice on how to buy records and in praise of Lee Perry

The Medium Is Tedium
Rob Lo on how we hear and read about music

Hi-Ho Silver Lining Rob on Alexanders Dark Band, 2 Lone Swordsmen and Horace Silver, amongst other things.

Too Many Wine Gums On needle in the groove by Jeff Noon

Let Freedom Ring Celebrating Free Jazz with a review of the Jazzactuel collection.

My Favourite Things. Rob Lo sounds out his musical century.

Witchcraft Rob on the Blair Witch Project

Blue Is The Colour Rob Lo comes over all strange whilst watching the World Cup.

Blimey! What a Year! DJ Robin Lo reviews the year of 1997. He talks about House, Jazz, Techno, Drum'n'Bass and Club Culture... He has Opinions.

Disco Inferno. Rob Lo writes about Punk, Funk, Disco, Saturday Night Fever and the connections between them all.

Alex Reece, Poptart. Robin Tomens on what he thinks about the stardom and music of Mr Alex Reece, 'Jungle's second superstar (official)'.

Music Was My First Love. This was meant to be part one in a regular series... oh well. Robin Tomens tells of Skins, Bowie, Reggae and Roxy Music.

'Homework', a long-playing record by French recording artistes Daft Punk


The Listen Hear column:

June 2000
The beginning of the end.

April 2000
Lee Perry, The Anti-Pop Consortium, Speedy J, Jeff Mills, Art Ensemble Of Chicago and Geriatric Drum'n'Bass for the Supermarket.

March 2000
Divine Styler, Two banks Of Four, Vladislav Delay, Susumu Yokota, Laurent Garnier and Albert Ayler.

January 2000
Ornette Coleman, Charles Mingus, The Martian, Roscoe Mitchell, enjoying necrophilia with Drum and Bass, plus The Stereophonics in purism question shocker.

Listen Hear December 1999
Miles vs Oakey, Drexciya vs Dolby, You and me against the world kid... plus Ram Crew, Aux 88 and the mighty Upsetters.

rebirth of cool, the ok corral, motion, peace orchestra and depth charge

August 1999
Innerzone Orchestra, Cecil Taylor, The Quartet, Dancefloor Jazz, Don Sebesky and Astro Sounds from Beyond the Year 2000

June / July 1999
Sun Ra, Tangerine Dream, Maurizio, Christian Vogel, Super Collider, Ed Rush & Optical, Peshay and the glory of David Axelrod.

May / June 1999
Jimmy Giuffre, Modulation & Transformation 4, Surgeon, Pierre Boulez and 7 Es0sentially Cool Summer Sounds... plus more!

April 1999
The noise of Pan Sonic, stupid fake funk, stupid clubbing visions, hints for the eclectic DJ, soundtracks and a couple of reviews. Plus the Birthday Blues...

February / March 1999
Rob Lo ponders the problems of growing old, gets all nostalgic about jazz, and reviews some new recordings, including the Source Direct album Exorcise The Demons.

January 1999: the review of '98

November 1998

September/October 1998

July 1998

May 1998

April 98 part 1

April 98 part 2