Wednesday, July 16, 2003
iTunes identifies Alan Tyler's 'Faithful' album as being 'Blind Velma' by Blind Velma... although intriguingly with the correct song titles for the Tyler album. So is Alan Tyler known as Blind Velma across the globe? or is iTunes stupid? I demand an answer.

C brought back some little gems of ‘zine culture from her Australian sojourn, highlight of which is undoubtedly ‘Scorch’; a personal mini-zine in what appears to be an edition of one… I’m presuming there are other versions with different contents and covers etc. Very cool indeed. I mean, it’s ‘only’ the rantings of a sixteen year old, but it’s gloriously candid and beautifully scrappy. I wish I could put something together as spontaneous and delicious, but I know I cant…

Also worthy of note is the collection of ‘twenty of Australia’s young comic book veterans’. Some terrific work in there, notably Gregory Mackay’s ‘Verdant Trees’ strip and Tim Danko’s fabulous post-modern freak out ‘Happy’. Go here for some more info about the artists and project… you’ll be asked to use IE, but heh…

And speaking of comic strips I finally added my year 7 class’ strips to my school website. I know I’m biased but I think some of them are remarkably good for eleven year olds…

One week to go.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003
"kids who aren't that good at sports
usually make a zine at some stage."