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These lists are listed in no particular order...

12 Albums:

The Apartments: Apart (Hot)
Grant McLennan: In Your Bright ray (Beggars Banquet)
Liquid Liquid: Liquid Liquid (Mo Wax)
Various: Platinum Breaks (Metalheadz)
Various: Torque (No-U-Turn)
Various: Grooverider presents the Prototype Years (Prototype)
Broadcast: Work and Non Work (Warp)
Adventures In Stereo: Adventures In Stereo (Creeping Bent)
The Sea and Cake: The Fawn (Thrill Jockey)
To Rococo Rot: Veiculo (City Slang)
Mogwai: Mogwai Young Team (Chemikal Underground)
Windsor For The Derby : Minnie Greutzfeldt (Trance)

12 Singles / Eps:

I've allowed only one entry per artist here... check the main reviews for more singles.

Arab Strap: The Girls Of Summer (Chemikal Underground)
Belle And Sebastian: Dog On Wheels (Jeepster)
Optical: Moving 808s / High Tek Dreams (Prototype)
Matrix: Double Vision / Sedation (Metro)
Thunder: Seven (Thunder)
Decoder: Fog (Hard Leaders)
Dillinja: Acid Trax (Pain)
Appliance: Organised Sound (Surveillance)
To Rococo Rot: Paris 25
Freon: Lecktroshock (Scandinavia)
Salaryman: Voids and Superclusters remix (City Slang)
Le Hammond Inferno: East of Suez (Pool)

Alistair Fitchett. 1997.