Who Are You?: Michael Bourke
Where Are You?: Oola, Co Limerick, Ireland
What Are You?: I work in a factory
What do you make?: Computers
What do you love?: Music, films, the craic, Brazil
What do you hate?: Chefs, soap operas, Chris Evans, Dublin
What do you listen to?: Radiohead, Jurrasic 5 , Lambchop, Eminem, Outkast,Pavement
What do you watch?: Freaks and geeks, The Simpsons, Who wants to be a millionaire,Larry Sanders show
What do you drink?: Heineken or Guiness
What do you smoke?: Silk Cut purple
What do you take?: as in drugs???...the odd E or the odd joint..not much though...honest
What do you believe in?: I believe there is a god..i believe there is an afterlife....

When We Were 16

Where were you?: same place
What were you?: An attention seeker
What did you wear?: Flannell shirts, jeans and army jackets
What did you listen to?: Nirvana, sonic Youth, Sugar, Young Gods , Stereolab, Sebadoh, Pavement
What did you watch?: The Simpsons, Only fools and horses, Top of the pops
What did you love?: Music, alcohol, going out
What did you hate?: My woodwork teacher, bus drivers
What did you drink?: Guiness
What did you smoke?: I didnt smoke then
What did you take?: I smoked hash a few times and took poppers..used to smoke tea and banana skins too
What did you want to be?: A music journalist
Who did you fight?: got into a couple aof drunken brawls with some strangers at our local disco
Who/What did you believe in?: same things i do now
Where did you go?: to local disco and pubs
What did you learn?: not much

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