Who Are You?: A clash city rocker
Where Are You?: Manchester, drug dustbin, UK
What Are You?: even i haven't worked that out yet. Urm, a punk rocker maan
What do you make?: bad ass basslines and websites
What do you love?: real music, the human brain, other lost souls, the internet, freedom of speech, basses, frank sinatra...oh and family ness
What do you hate?: Morgan punk, like fvck off. People who pretend to be what they're not. Conservatives. Labour. Britain. Censorship, the state of the music industry.
What do you listen to?: everything and anything, primal scream, blondie the clash, teenage fanclub, sex pistols, t-rex, frank sinatra, donna summer, aretha franklin, Elvis Presley, jesus and mary chain, BAD, new order and joy division, iggy and the stooges, PiL, MBV, beastie boys, public enemy, david holmes, Stone Roses, there's many more
What do you watch?: 80s cheesey cartoons, friends, simpsons, MTV2
What do you drink?: cranberry and vodka by the pint
What do you smoke?: if i do it's malboro lights
What do you take?: anything i've got
What do you believe in?: the power of the human mind, God, Primal Scream

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Manchester scumbag UK
What were you?: a rebellious sixth former
What did you wear?: band t-shirts, jeans, trainers. Anything frowned upon
What did you listen to?: see above
What did you watch?: same as above
What did you love?:
What did you hate?: bobby gillespie, 2 of my boyfriends, Music, PLaying live gigs, my friends
What did you drink?: Martini and Coke
What did you smoke?: didn't
What did you take?: not too much, weed?
What did you want to be?: a rock star... still do
Who did you fight?: the authorities, the parents, the "other" kids
Who/What did you believe in?: Rock N Roll music
Where did you go?: Fifth Ave, College.
What did you learn?: people are shit, rock n roll's dead and Bobbyg ain't half as rock n roll as he says he is, but duffy's the nicest guy ever. Famous people really are people. And Punk wasn't just about pink hair

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