Who Are You?: 25, female, childless
Where Are You?: dallas, tx ...at work today. doing very little.
What Are You?: student, fledgling designer, novice programmer ...inexperienced
What do you make?: websites, playlists
What do you love?: free time, having extra money to buy records, having yet more to buy shoes
What do you hate?: politics, office life, mediocrity
What do you listen to?: ladybug transistor, magnetic fields, sea & cake, euphone, belle & sebastian, cat power, smog
What do you watch?: my monitor ...13.5" visible
What do you drink?: coffee, orange juice, tea, water ...sam adams, guinness
What do you smoke?: nothing
What do you take?: echinacea, vit E, olive leaf extract, co-Q 10
What do you believe in?: sun & moon, food, sleep

When We Were 16

Where were you?: dallas, tx
What were you?: a giddy teen
What did you wear?: jeans & white V neck T's ...or my latest too short dress creation
What did you listen to?: stone roses, happy mondays, galaxie 500, wedding present, sugarcubes, charlatans, ride
What did you watch?: kids in the hall
What did you love?: being with friends, thrift shopping, sewing
What did you hate?: sitting still
What did you drink?: everclear & lemonade ...yuk
What did you smoke?: nothing
What did you take?: acid, mushrooms
What did you want to be?: in a band, a concert cellist
Who did you fight?:
Who/What did you believe in?:
Where did you go?: downtown, late night diners, parks, parties, friend's houses
What did you learn?: i don't think any of it set in until i was 19 or so

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