Who Are You?: Ekul Snaveb
Where Are You?: At a desk in Ladbroke Grove, London
What Are You?: Expectant
What do you make?: Bands lives a little bit more easier
What do you love?: Seeing my friends smile, Leicester station on a Saturday lunchtime, really great records you have'nt heard in ages, and, hopefully, someone.
What do you hate?: Being bored, Toploader, self-importance, people who believe in their own beauty - we're all 6/10 I reckon.
What do you listen to?: Elbow, Ryan Adams, Dylan, Neil Young, Teenage Fanclub, Pheonix, The Verve, Starsailor, Kathryn Williams, Oasis (still!), Curtis Mayfield, Delta, Cosmic Rough Riders, Beth Orton, Joni Mitchell and David Gray. At the moment.
What do you watch?: If it's on. Still Leicester City most Saturdays.
What do you drink?: Lager/orange juice/tea/diet coke depending on what time of day it is
What do you smoke?: Cheap Marlboro Lights, or Winfield Lights sometimes.
What do you take?: Depends on the mood and place.
What do you believe in?: A dream I have, returning to San Francisco sometime.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Halfway between Loughborough and Leicester
What were you?: At school and still very naive
What did you wear?: My Oasis t-shirt all weekend
What did you listen to?: Oasis, Verve, Charlatans, you know the rest...
What did you watch?: tried not to then either, but the Wonder Years were great... Leicester City most Saturdays
What did you love?: A girl called Sian, incessantly.
What did you hate?: Rugby players, Tigers 'supporters', Blur fans.
What did you drink?: Carlberg Export or Southern Comfort and Lemonade. And puked it all back up.
What did you smoke?: Nope.
What did you take?: Nope.
What did you want to be?: A rocknroll star. Got close I suppose!
Who did you fight?: My dad, most days.
Who/What did you believe in?: 'Live Forever', Nick, Sian.
Where did you go?: The Griffin...
What did you learn?: Gary Delahunty was right...most people in Oxford were wankers. Romance is'nt dead people!

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