Who Are You?: mark
Where Are You?: somewhere on tyneside
What Are You?: pseudo-librarian
What do you make?: sometimes sense, other times love
What do you love?: the way life will just triumph, come what may
What do you hate?: those who are too small to allow the above
What do you listen to?: good music from wherever it comes (it just has to be a little bit different)
What do you watch?: the weather
What do you drink?: wine, tea (too much of one, about right of the other) sometimes coffee - but i'm too old to handle it
What do you smoke?: stuff
What do you take?: a keen interest
What do you believe in?: life, love and the pursuit of happiness (how sad that i feel obliged to add "so long as no one else gets hurt" - sad in that thatcher introduced the idea that individual happiness meant fuck everyone else)

When We Were 16

Where were you?: off my head, mainly
What were you?: dazed and confused
What did you wear?: loon pants, bush jacket and suede desert boots
What did you listen to?: hippy stuff
What did you watch?: the stars, man
What did you love?: being out of it
What did you hate?: being alive, i think
What did you drink?: cider, leftovers
What did you smoke?: stuff
What did you take?: anything
What did you want to be?: anywhere else but where i was
Who did you fight?: myself, my mother
Who/What did you believe in?: same as today - only i didnt know that riders would have to be added
Where did you go?: elsewhere, eventually
What did you learn?: that life will, left to itself, inevitably triumph

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