Who Are You?: Mark Hoskins
Where Are You?: Dublin.
What Are You?: Insane. Sane. Insane. Sane. What do you make?: Noise. Images in my head.
What do you love?: Freedom
What do you hate?: Rules
What do you listen to?: Jazz. Mostly blue note stuff. Currently a compilation called Blue Mambo.
What do you watch?: Simpsons. Documentaries. Natonal Geographic. South Park. Football.
What do you drink?: Wine.
What do you smoke?: Nothing anymore.
What do you take?: Abuse
What do you believe in?: Uncertainty. Chaos. Permanant Revolution.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Navan.
What were you?: Baggy
What did you wear?: Baggy Jeans.
What did you listen to?: Stone Roses. Happy Mondays. Blur.
What did you watch?: Simpsons. Football. Blackadder.
What did you love?: Everton F.C.
What did you hate?: Liverpool F.C.

What did you drink?: Cider
What did you smoke?: Marlboro Red
What did you take?: Everything
What did you want to be?: Famous
Who did you fight?: The kids from the other side of town.
Who/What did you believe in?: The Shamen
Where did you go?: Beechmount
What did you learn?: That we are slaves.

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