Who Are You?: Lucy Alder
Where Are You?: More or less equidistant between Tower Hill, Aldgate and Aldgate East
What Are You?: Always late
What do you make?: Women's Institute sponge cakes, according to my flatmate
What do you love?: Cheese, high heels, that feeling in your chesst when the music you're listening to does something a bit unexpected but really rather good
What do you hate?: Gossip and rumour
What do you listen to?: Certainly not the above
What do you watch?: The Antiques Roadshow
What do you drink?: Gin and tonic
What do you smoke?: Nothing
What do you take?: My time
What do you believe in?: That everything turns out OK in the end

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Woking
What were you?: A posh, square boff with big tits
What did you wear?: School uniform
What did you listen to?: Rap, indescriminately: Run DMC, LL Cool J, Dream Warriors, Vanilla Ice
What did you watch?: Everything on telly, from the moment I came in from school until I went to bed
What did you love?: Finally getting a job, as a check-out girl in Sainsbury's
What did you hate?: Being called a posh, square boff and having my tits and arse grabbed
What did you drink?: Rum and black, rarely
What did you smoke?: B&H, rarely
What did you take?: 11 GCSEs
What did you want to be?: Out of Woking and famous
Who did you fight?: Not Zoe, although she hit me in the playground. Another girl told a teacher and she got suspended, so I didn't have to do anything, really.
Who/What did you believe in?: I thought that everyone has a little bit of good in them somewhere.
Where did you go?: Apart from school and Sainsbury's? Um...
What did you learn?: That Cedric, the French boy I'd fancied two years before, had also fancied me and neither of us had had the guts to do anything about it. I'm quite glad about that now because he was a bit of an idiot.

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