Who Are You?: Viktor.
Where Are You?: I live in a little suburb outside a not so big city called Gothenburg in Sweden.
What Are You?: I'm a young believer. 17 years old.
What do you make?: Mixtapes. Half-finished popsongs. Friends.
What do you love?: People who refuse to be bitter, sarcastic and distanced. Blueboy.
What do you hate?: People who are bitter, sarcastic and distanced. The ironic generation. Liberals who make money on the money they own.
What do you listen to?: Right now I hear the sound of Beaumont coming out of my bedroom. My Favorite, Blueboy, Nixon, Aislers Set, Hefner, Baxendale, TBS, Fosca, Stars, Fairways, Lucksmiths, Housemartins.....
What do you watch?: I don't know really.. Spin City, Drew Carey Show..
What do you drink?: Folköl (Swedish 3.5% alc. beer).
What do you smoke?: Gauloises, Benson & Hedges, Luckies, Marlboro..
What do you take?: Hmm.. Nothing really.
What do you believe in?:

When We Were 16

Where were you?: The same place as I am right now. I was 16 a year ago.
What were you?: A younger believer.
What did you wear?: The same clothes as I'm wearing today, except that they were new back then.
What did you listen to?: My Favorite, Blueboy, Hefner, Baxendale, Heavenly TBS, Lucksmiths, Housemartins.....
What did you watch?: Nothing at all.
What did you love?: Indiepop.
What did you hate?: Rock.
What did you drink?: Folköl.
What did you smoke?: Lucky Strikes.
What did you take?: Nothing.
What did you want to be?: A pop singer.
Who did you fight?: No one.
Who/What did you believe in?: I believed in taking it easy, not worrying too much about anything and drinking folköl.
Where did you go?: To a park called Vasaparken here in Gothenburg.
What did you learn?: How to smoke.

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