Who Are You?: georgie
Where Are You?: London
What Are You?: not drunk enough and too tired
What do you make?: mistakes, music, websites, interactive things
What do you love?: Orwell, my Beatles drumkit lighter, the 73 bus
What do you hate?: Channel 5, closing time, Jack Straw MP
What do you listen to?: Magnetic Fields, The Fall, heartbeats, the city
What do you watch?: the Sopranos, the Simpsons, bad Flash movies, good docs, Rebecca move.
What do you drink?: Guiness, dark rum, water from the tap, tea, gin
What do you smoke?: marly reds, not enough gear
What do you take?: most dailies and childrens' vitamins
What do you believe in?: love, death, collective bargaining

When We Were 16

Where were you?: suburbs outside of Brighton
What were you?: not as clever as I thought I was
What did you wear?: band t shirts and desert boots
What did you listen to?: echo and the bunnymen, indie pop, the Fall
What did you watch?: Brookside
What did you love?: trains and dreams
What did you hate?: Thatcher
What did you drink?: tea, gin, fizzy pop
What did you smoke?: nothing
What did you take?: A Levels
What did you want to be?: somewhere else
Who did you fight?: Simon Woods, 'the system', the Right wing of the Labour Party (the last two very badly)
Who/What did you believe in?: socialism and independent music
Where did you go?: London, Glasgow, London
What did you learn?: 3 chords is too many to learn, don't borrow money off people, some girls are bigger than others

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