Who Are You?: lee
Where Are You?: hell
What Are You?: manic-depressive
What do you make?: big efforts to keep my head together
What do you love?: music
What do you hate?: everything else
What do you listen to?: indie rock (nixon, hefner, grandaddy, magnetic fields, belle and sebastian, pavement, p.j. harvey, pavement, neil young, etc.); 70s jamaican dub, especially from king tubby's; hip hop; old jazz and classical.
What do you watch?: life pass me by
What do you drink?: when i'm in a manic episode, i like wine and champagne; when i'm depressed, i turn to tequila.
What do you smoke?: the ocassional spliff
What do you take?: lithium and anafranil
What do you believe in?: that there is no ultimate meaning to life

When We Were 16

Where were you?: hell; everything that ever seemed good always turned out to be a cruel illusion
What were you?: depressed; i would not experience my first manic episode for another 3 years
What did you wear?: typical artsy kid stuff--a lot of black, indian scarves, clogs, etc.
What did you listen to?: pretty much what i listen to now
What did you watch?: all my hopes being painfully dashed
What did you love?: life
What did you hate?: authority
What did you drink?: anything
What did you smoke?: pot, hash, heroin
What did you take?: shit from my parents and happy-go-lucky peers
What did you want to be?: happy
Who did you fight?: the things i hated
Who/What did you believe in?: that things could only get better
Where did you go?: down, down, down...
What did you learn?: that life is nasty, brutish, and short

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