Who Are You?: Seth, a 21 year old writer and college student stuck in an evil suburb
Where Are You?: in VT when at school, in CT when home
What Are You?: writer,thinker, idealist, romantic, lonesome, funny, left-thinking, music loving, art lover, thrift store junkie,vegetarian, hipster
What do you make?: I make writing on pages, love to the world and war on pop culture and general stupidity
What do you love?: Girls, cats, music, food, drink, old cars kids, sun, the ocean, walking, the stars, shows etc.
What do you hate?: Bigots, assholes, pretentious people, druggies, lies, the two party system,manipulative people, guys who mistreat girls, drunken idiots, snobs, the death penalty, corporate greed, capitalism, GAP, sluts, cheap people, MTV and it's drones.
What do you listen to?: A Sample: Air, Nick Drake, Belle and Sebastian, Portishead, The Clash, Tahiti 80, Ben Folds Five, Roni Size, Beulah, Jets To Brazil, 50-60's Jazz, Weezer, Thievery Corporation, The Get Up Kids Badly Drawn Boy, House Music, Latin stuff.
What do you watch?: indie movies, news, Comedy Central, Much Music
What do you drink?: various mixed drinks, rum, dark beer, wine, Coke.
What do you smoke?: I don't
What do you take?: Kava Kava: Try it, the stuff works!
What do you believe in?: God, the basic goodness in people, Real Love, Fun Out Of Body Experiences, Ghosts, Myself

When We Were 16

Where were you?: In Hell
What were you?: really depressed
What did you wear?: flannel shirts, old jeans, kinda grunge
What did you listen to?: R.E.M., Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth, The Beatles
What did you watch?: TV
What did you love?: This girl named Karen
What did you hate?: Alot of things: My town, my school, my life
What did you drink?: soda
What did you smoke?: I tried smoking once, did'nt really pick it up until smoking cloves my freshman college year, then I quit smoking anything period.
What did you take?: Alot of shit and a few punches
What did you want to be?: happy
Who did you fight?: Everybody I had to.
Who/What did you believe in?: God (nominally), Self defense, my friends
Where did you go?: wherever my folks let me drive
What did you learn?: people are evil, persons are good (figure it out)

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