Where are you? County Hall, Exeter.

What are you? Pretences at being an accountant.

What do you make? Cracking Gravy.

What do you love? Simon Armitage, Belle and Sebastian, Arsenal Football Club.

What do you hate? Nothing much.

What do you listen to? Belle and Sebastian, Tindersticks, Joy Division, Beth Orton.

What do you watch? My back at all times. Vic and Bob, Fast Show, Loads of Footy.

What do you drink? Whisky and Cider.

What do you smoke? Nothing if I can help it, but hey ! we can't always help ourselves can we ?

What do you take? Shortcuts.

What do you believe in? Nothing much really...be nice to each other and write lots of poetry.

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you? Exeter College refectory probably.

    What were you? A shambles.

    What did you wear? Ice hockey shirts, Joy Division t-shirts, Converse all-stars (leathers).

    What did you listen to? Joy Division, New Order, Stranglers, Fatima Mansions, PWEI, Weddoes.

    What did you watch? My back at all times.

    What did you love? Kirsten Pratt.

    What did you hate? Kirsten Pratt.....apparently I was the Pratt.

    What did you drink? At 16 ? More than I can now.

    What did you smoke? Anything that burned.

    What did you take? Anything that didn't belong to me.

    What did you want to be? Unemployed / Dead.

    Who did you fight? The demons in my head.....they're still winning.

    Who/What did you believe in? Ian Curtis...despite being dead 8 years.

    Where did you go? Pubs. Other Pubs. Off Licences. Park Benches.

    What did you learn?

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