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Where are you? In front of a computer, in my ‘studio’. the spare room really...

What are you? High School teacher and artist. writer. co-'publisher' of this thing. Spoiler. whatever...

What do you make? Children unhappy. Collages and magazines. Not enough money. These pages that no-one cares about...

What do you love? my mountain bike. summer. dusty singletrack. early mornings with the sky blue and the air clear and warm. full mail boxes of both varieties.

What do you hate? most of my past. people who drive cars everywhere and miss out on so much... their loss. the injustices of life generally.

What do you listen to? my records, old and new. nature. the whirring of gears and the crunch of Psychos on dirt.

What do you watch? my overdraft increase alarmingly. the sun in the sky over the common and moor. people on the bus. kids painting. The skies.

What do you drink? High Five. Isostar. Haig and perrier. earl grey.

What do you smoke? ‘my body is a temple’. ha ha ha.

What do you take? Banana wham. As many liberties as possible.

What do you believe in? Magic.

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you? the backroads of Ayrshire, riding and daydreaming.

    What were you? High School pupil. Bored and infatuated. Not strong or fit enough to beat anyone on hills but quick enough to win sprints when I tried.

    What did you wear? Bianchi jersey. Sidi shoes. My fringe like Roger McGuinns.

    What did you listen to? The Sound of Young Scotland. Magazine. Chic. the hum of tubulars on warm tarmac.

    What did you watch? Grange Hill. Everyone else in requited love affairs that never lasted.

    What did you love? a future Miss Scotland. The thrill of alcohol and musical discovery. Finding new roads and routes. Riding in the sun with my friends.

    What did you hate? Heavy Metal. Thatcher. Ten mile time trials.

    What did you drink? Anything we could lay our hands on.

    What did you smoke? a Gitanes, once...

    What did you take? vitamin pills my mom gave me. Books and magazines.

    What did you want to be? Handsome.

    Who did you fight? The desire to die . Anyone weaker than me. i.e. no-one.

    Who/What did you believe in? Socialism, strangely enough.

    Where did you go? Miles away every day. Jon's house to drink and get drunk. the planet Zarg. Arran on holiday.

    What did you learn? teachers don’t help you to learn much at all. Bicycles are way better than cars. Summer never ends. You get bored of landscapes eventually.

    April 1996.

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