Alyssa @ hotmail

Where are you? Just outside of the big apple

What are you? Iím a girl confused about things

What do you make? I attempt to make friends, and make then make them as happy as possible.

What do you love? I love having people who love me. I love all forms of coziness. I love all shades of pink. I love laying in bed all day.

What do you hate? I hate people who try to intimidate me. As lame as it sounds, I hate authority.

What do you listen to? kraftwerk, flowchart, spinanes, tvps, capnjazz, unwound, smog, smiths, morrissey, lync, longhindlegs, the cannanes, pulp, belle and sebastian, rye coalition, sdre, the makeup, shipping news, rodan, promise ring, modest mouse, northern picture library, karate, van pelt, more more and more!

What do you watch? This old house, the daily show, spotlight (on much),

What do you drink? Coffee, DIET coke, iced mint choc chip lattes, pink lemonade, the occasional beer.

What do you smoke? nuthin

What do you take? ibuprofen, vitamins

What do you believe in? happiness at all costs

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you?

    What were you?

    What did you wear?

    What did you listen to?

    What did you watch?

    What did you love?

    What did you hate?

    What did you drink?

    What did you smoke?

    What did you take?

    What did you want to be?

    Who did you fight?

    Who/What did you believe in?

    Where did you go?

    What did you learn?

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