annie @ washington dc

Where are you? washington dc

What are you? lazy

What do you make? cakes

What do you love? a good pop song

What do you hate? unecessary profoundness

What do you listen to? boring guitar music

What do you watch? extremely popular network television programs

What do you drink? lemonade. rum and coke. pineapple-orange juice

What do you smoke? camel lights

What do you take? a lot of bullshit

What do you believe in? myself

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you? washington dc

    What were you? a wannabe martyr

    What did you wear? short skirts and button down shirts. too much make-up. red lips, the whole bit. sometimes went with heavy eye make-up instead

    What did you listen to? the jam, groups with wistful-sounding boys on vox. so it would also be boring guitar music

    What did you watch? pretentious foriegn movies. anything you had to go downtown to see.

    What did you love? arrogance. boredom. complaining

    What did you hate? stupid people. getting too close.

    What did you drink? diet pepsi. vodka and orange juice

    What did you smoke? camel filters

    What did you take? not much

    What did you want to be? rich, entertaining and talked about. no motivation whatsoever

    Who did you fight? parents and myself

    Who/What did you believe in? nothing

    Where did you go? my and others' houses, movie theaters, restaurants with good coolness factor

    What did you learn? it is okay to be vulnerable sometimes

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