Where are you? Baltimore, Maryland USA.

What are you? a 30 year old lesbian working for a company that provides customized news (an electronic clipping service, of sorts) but I think we are about to be abandoned (and thus closed) by our parent company - MCI.

What do you make? peace, love, great food, my bed, money, believe. I try to make: good decisions, many friends, more money, people happy

What do you love? this whole internet thing, writing, reading, building things, women, london, baltimore, new york city, santa fe, san francisco, travelling by auto, playing pool with friends, the water.

What do you hate? crime, mean people, sitting in an office all day, lima beans, waiting for other people to do their jobs.

What do you listen to? music (indigo girls, mary chapin carpenter, mary black, melissa etheridge, some alternative, some country, some classical), birds & crickets at night, the cat next door, children, sound advice.

What do you watch? sports, must see tv, good films, bad films, children, the world go by.

What do you drink? good wine, too much coca cola, tanqueray & tonic with lime, mt. gay & tonic with lime, water when i have to, gatorade when i need to.

What do you smoke? cigarettes *very* rarely but i really shouldn't.

What do you take? time to enjoy life, less than i give, my friends' children to the zoo, a little more than i need, what people say with a grain of salt.

What do you believe in? myself, other women, good friends, tradition, some higher power.

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you? everywhere.

    What were you? confused some of the time, happy most of the time.

    What did you wear? jeans, t shirts, boots - same thing i wear now.

    What did you listen to? more country, less alternative.

    What did you watch? the world around me for a niche to slip into.

    What did you love? playing sports, partying all night, women, writing, reading, the water.

    What did you hate? nothing.

    What did you drink? everything.

    What did you smoke? everything.

    What did you take? a lot for granted.

    What did you want to be? me.

    Who did you fight? Tara Trapaneze (and lost).

    Who/What did you believe in? my house mother, tradition.

    Where did you go? away to grow up.

    What did you learn? that you should treat people the way you want to be treated, that people are all different and if you listen first you will come to realize their strong points even if they don't appear to have any, that life is for living.

    October 1996.

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