ben brantley @ depaul

Where are you? somewhere between the ones and zeros.

What are you? 160 lbs. of lint and cognition.

What do you make? food, homework, documentation, and i try to make love and sense but they don’t always turn out to be makeable.

What do you love? ‘love’

What do you hate? oh, uh...i just ate a vegetable pita with ginger tea.

What do you listen to? breathing, swallowing, people, belle and sebastian, stereolab, bach, glenn gould, myself, you, yes, tears for fears, dylan, fahey, rick springfield, pre-1998 david grubbs projects, friends, marc bolan and related t-rex, marriage vows, science fiction dimensions, sanitary urinals flushing, dj shadow, miles davis, nick drake, aphex twin, astrud gilberto, any foreign language,we all together, etc....

What do you watch? i don’t have a watch.

What do you drink? seltzer water, tea, beer, orange juice, coca-cola,

What do you smoke? not very much of anything

What do you take? ‘information’

What do you believe in? ‘belief’

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you? running naked around a friend’s back yard.

    What were you? what!

    What did you wear? i told you, i was naked

    What did you listen to? naked raygun, fugazi, slint, squirrel bait, bad brains, buffalo tom, dinosaur jr., red hot chili peppers - shut up, you did too!, local punk rock, etc....

    What did you watch? i had a swatch.

    What did you love? the way i felt with that ‘girl’, you know the one.

    What did you hate? transcendental posers.

    What did you drink? water and coke.

    What did you smoke? i don’t like that ’moke.

    What did you take? when we went fishing, i took my fishing pole.

    What did you want to be? ‘loved’

    Who did you fight? noone

    Who/What did you believe in? that pornography had screened a permanant image on my mind.

    Where did you go? you went to friend’s houses, parks, shows, etc....

    What did you learn? how to play guitar and what flatulence meant.

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