Where are you? in the bushes of a low down trolltown anchient astronaught crash pad automatic cartography sketchpad

What are you? a rotting paper mache uber toupe- the top hat of vagrant quadruped top cats, dingo yo?

What do you make? sonospamin slammin breakin takin the doubledutchdentaldams of bourgoise weirdbearded clams fred, no lead, said!

What do you love? floatinboats up in orgonic oceans of microphonetic tetz

What do you hate? gip jointz droopzstaz! Incan finkstaz. 2face sugaboogaz. disreptilliankilljoytoyz. peptimistsic blistz. Knucks up duckz!

What do you listen to? blackbirdsnbluebirdsnbeesqueezinskiz

What do you watch? butterscotch bunny hoppin baywatchincrotchless snowmbile suites zooted and booted writing peecaligraphydiseasesfreewindin cued loodivantin yuppyguppyglued uppinski

What do you drink? pinkinstinkhoglowinhoodpuddinski peepeecacacalaboosepoosjuice fortayloosecaboose

What do you smoke? boopski in duece skoopski. no betty, toyz!

What do you take? petsore whoregaloriffidoz spores like glandulargladiatorfadorz

What do you believe in? loodivantin pronto wordstompinamigoz

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you? zippin no flipsters i could faceplant wiggledliknopoppazone on the dove

    What were you? strollinotrollin flo , digup?

    What did you wear? grindin gears like the lord of the bar flies do or die

    What did you listen to? boominooggiez, nojoyce! doublejointedpointz, no front buttablunt.

    What did you watch? evil I's, geodespic domes, nosforatuski maskz, tuscan rapaz, decepticonz

    What did you love? flossin blessin tessin yimpology

    What did you hate? fakanametakaz frightwhiteheadz skrullbitaz

    What did you drink? electric silky milky satin peachycreamski and beamski

    What did you smoke? cheeze. likka scroogamatic gat goofsky croaktoka

    What did you take? skinslimzki respectarchetecture

    What did you want to be? congaleanfredde rockinstedde

    Who did you fight? snomen hohohoz runz like panty hozin

    Who/What did you believe in? poregnominclature hateglaciaz

    Where did you go? into cubicals grawin raw cuticals cataleptic calistedics and anteseptics tripin in dips skippin bits fa kips

    What did you learn? bleep streak peep sleep or leap creepz

    January 1997

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