Collin Chen@singapore

Where are you? In the boring city of fucking Singapore.

What are you? Staying in a flat with my parents and records are filling up the room.

What do you make? I hope to get some good experimental music out with my 4 track machine.

What do you love? Music, football and reading.

What do you hate? Pretentious people who just want to jump on the bandwagon to get accepted.

What do you listen to? Techno, drum n' bass, indiepop, ambient, deep house, chicago house.

What do you watch? Shitty programmes on telly sometimes.

What do you drink?anything that is potable.

What do you smoke? cigarettes and i wish i could smoke something stronger but unfortunately not.

What do you take? food and substances if i could find it ( which is impossible at all with my limited finances ).

What do you believe in? THere is a god out there and myself as well.

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you? At home with my parents.

    What were you? Doing my o levels.

    What did you wear? jeans and black t-shirt.

    What did you listen to? Jesus & Mary Chain, John Peel on World Service playing all the cool songs by Siddeleys, Sea Urchins, Talulah Gosh, McCarthy.

    What did you watch? Just shitty movies and telly.

    What did you love? music, football and reading.

    What did you hate? Bastards who think they are gods. still do though.

    What did you drink? Fizzy drinks to get the kick when you berp.

    What did you smoke? Just started smoking cigarettes.

    What did you take? loads of junk food.

    What did you want to be? be a cool guitar boy.

    Who did you fight? The school-headmaster.

    Who/What did you believe in? Nothing as i was forced to go for chapel lessons.

    Where did you go? Record shop with my meagre pocket money to buy records.

    What did you learn?getting excited about music i listen to.

    June 1996.

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