chris @ california

Where are you? In my bedroom deep in the muck of Bakersfield, California

What are you? A dork

What do you make? Columns for my local newspaper, songs for my reggae band and acoustic band, trouble when I'm with my friends

What do you love? Breezy cool mornings, making breakfast for any friends that stay the night.

What do you hate? Having to do the dishes afterward.

What do you listen to? Lots of reggae, Elvis Costello, tons o' swing, jazz, Peter Gabriel, anything the local newspaper sends me to review.

What do you watch? My life going oh so fast...

What do you drink? Orange juice like there is no tomorrow ... water, tea, soda at my friends' houses.

What do you smoke? Nothin', man, I'm totally clean!

What do you take? Vitamin C pills to keep me awake during late-night study sessions for college exams.

What do you believe in? Not a whole hell of a lot. Myself, really.

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you? In my room.

    What were you? A geeky student in high school that made lots of friends by playing in a really popular local punk band.

    What did you wear? Jeans and raver t-shirts. Nikes.

    What did you listen to? Elvis Costello, the Specials, Wilson Phillips

    What did you watch? A lot of TV. Maybe way too much.

    What did you love? My punk-rock girlfriend.

    What did you hate? My punk-rock girlfriend.

    What did you drink? Tea, water, soda.

    What did you smoke? nuthin'. I'm clean, man

    What did you take? Antibiotics.

    What did you want to be? A professional bass player, raking in the dough.

    Who did you fight? Authority. hee hee. Nothing, really.

    Who/What did you believe in? Less than I do now.

    Where did you go? To lots of coffeehouses.

    What did you learn? Life is pointless unless you strive to do as many amazing things as possible.

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