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Where are you? Nice day dream about Nicky - reality? Accrington.

What are you? Unstable.

What do you make? Confusion an art form.

What do you love? My friends.

What do you hate? People who are treat other people like crap.

What do you listen to? Voices in my head --- Manic Street Preachers

What do you watch? Life below my window.

What do you drink? Malibu Spice

What do you smoke? Jos Sticks

What do you take? Alcohol.

What do you believe in? Nothing - but it is my nothing ;) - the inspiration I get off my friends.

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you? A place I thought I was happy. .

    What were you? Fucked up.

    What did you wear? Jeans.

    What did you listen to? Anything but what I should`ve been.

    What did you watch? Other people.

    What did you love? My mum and dad and dog :)

    What did you hate? The fact I felt alone

    What did you drink? Anything with an alcohol content.

    What did you smoke? My inspritation ;)

    What did you take? Deep breaths.

    What did you want to be? Happy.

    Who did you fight? A girl called Claire.

    Who/What did you believe in? Didn`t have anything to believe in.

    Where did you go? Nowhere.

    What did you learn? Not to trust the people I was with at the time.

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