mike clampitt @ internet

Where are you? at work

What are you? i am rover2000, i'm the free association, i'm old enough to know better, but young enough to not care, i'm tired and emotional.

What do you make? i make a beautiful mess

What do you love? i love love, my vox continental organ, my future wife Amber, the birds in the trees, on-road bicycles, bmx bicycles, smells, tastes and feelings

What do you hate? i hate hate and small minds

What do you listen to? tintibulation, television personalities, dan treacy, not robbie fucking coltrane, booker t and the mgs, barbara acklin, the impressions, the pastels, the heartbeat beating as one, the ramones, the upsetters more than the upsetter, my mother

What do you watch?

What do you drink? ginger beer, root beer, bitter beer, lager beer, water, wine, vodka, gin and tonic, too much

What do you smoke? marlboro lights, real marlboros, cheap hash and expensive skunk, anything i'm offered

What do you take? daynurse, liberties, liberty caps, amphetamine, it up the gary glitter, anything i'm offered

What do you believe in? i believe all cars should be banned, except pretty ones. i believe the creator has a master plan, but why the hell should she tell us what it is

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you? either; down the woods drinking cider and pulling, down harrow skatepark drinking cider and pulling, in hospital having my wisdom teeth out, or some point in between

    What were you? on the road from being a teenage mod to a young adult soul boy

    What did you wear? pringle sweaters, farah slacks, kickers, sergio tacchini tracksuits, diadora trainers... though i never did get those bjorn borgs, vans style 95 on me bike.

    What did you listen to? africa bambataa, phil fearon, chic, grandmaster flash, street sounds electro, the jam, radio london soul nights out, terry hall

    What did you watch? friends' dads' porn videos

    What did you love? my mcs magnum....landing gear forks, skyways, cw bars,shimano dx brakes, dx pedals....from its ame pro grips to its comp iii tyres, you never forget your first love.

    What did you hate? catching a pedal on the shin, the future

    What did you drink? cider

    What did you smoke? nothing

    What did you take? some handlebar grips from alpine action

    What did you want to be? eighteen

    Who did you fight? i didnt

    Who/What did you believe in? i didnt

    Where did you go? harrow, hemel hempstead, the westway, romford, birmingham, milton keynes, soho, burnt oak

    What did you learn? to get air from a quarter pipe, that adidas atp were the best training shoe ever made, how to pass A levels, how girls feel and smell...but not what to do next


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