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Where are you? In the cellar, avoiding the sunshine, trying to figure out what Iím going to do with this day and with the rest of my life

What are you? student, thatís my identity for twenty more days, then i graduate...so i have to come up with some new identity quick. any suggestions?

What do you make? I make my friends like the same things as me

What do you love? I love Love itself, i love the idea of that perfect love, I love the idea that it might come knocking on my door some rainy morning. And I love music, but then again, doesnít everyone?

What do you hate? When you get hair in your food, people who are stronger and better than me, and thereís lots of themÖ

What do you listen to? Everything with a little feeling and soul, but mostly old soul music and music by people who like old soul music. Right now Iím listening to Gomezí Tijuana Lady.

What do you watch? I watch the people passing by, and I wonder if their lives are better or worse than mine.

What do you drink? White russian, water and some lemon fanta if itís hot outside.

What do you smoke? nothing if Iím sober, anything when Iím drunk

What do you take? i wish I could come up with something original to write here...

What do you believe in? i believe in quite a lot of things, but i cant seem to remember any of them right now...

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you? concerts and friends houses, avoiding every place where I should be, like home and school

    What were you? miserable and ugly

    What did you wear? miniskirts and T-shirts with target prints on them...I wanted to be a little modette so bad

    What did you listen to? Manics - Richey, I hope youíre happy wherever you are... , Ride, Small faces, Joy Division and - even if Iím embarrassed to admit it- both Nirvana and Pearl Jam

    What did you watch? TV, all the happy people

    What did you love? nobody

    What did you hate? everyone, mostly myself

    What did you drink? anything that i could get my hands on

    What did you smoke? nothing, strangely enough

    What did you take? the piss

    What did you want to be? happy, good-looking, smart and funny

    Who did you fight? myself, my brother and anyone who was weaker than me

    Who/What did you believe in? to quote my idols at that time, Manics, I know! "I believe in nothing, but itís my nothing." Thatís undoubtedly the answer you would have got then

    Where did you go? too many weird places

    What did you learn? that I was the only one that was going to look after myself, who were my friends


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