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Where are you? In my brothers room amongst a heap of smelly clothes and feeling like shit after working in a pub. It's 1:51 am and I'm downloading work files from my college - why?

What are you? Student, Lecturer, barsteward

What do you make? computer engineered messes that don't work.

What do you love? My family, music, drinking, crosswords, puzzles and conservation, hick, I mean conversation.

What do you hate? People who ask for Lager tops, Black Russians and Chineses. Arrogance. Fly on the wall documentries

What do you listen to? Bjork at the mo, Jon Spencer - Blues Explosion, Sonic Youth, Stereolab, Mountain Goats, Pavement, Beck, Belle and Sebastion,Novak

What do you watch? Recently - Neighbours, Simpsons, nam films,occasional football match, Adam and Jo, King of the Hill, Frasier - Don't go out on a Friday.

What do you drink? At the pub Lager or Bitter - Prefer a good bitter to most things, won't touch spirits much. Red wine with food

What do you smoke? Jazz, cigarettes

What do you take? Insulin

What do you believe in? Everyone is fundamentally the same but we all have our own experiences. Genetics, Shemetics.

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you? Getting wasted on spirits and shit during my fifth form with a guy called psycho.

    What were you? Pupil at a catholic school - finished my GCSE's. A hero in the eyes of many but didn't know it.

    What did you wear? Desert boots, John lennon glasses, a baggy jumper.

    What did you listen to? Nirvana, Doors, Pixies, Sonic youth, Jesus and Mary Chain.

    What did you watch? Neighbours, Rugby matches.

    What did you love? Clare Gittens

    What did you hate? Clare Gittens

    What did you drink? Anything, and Theakstons down the Rugby club - get it down yer u Zuloo warrior.

    What did you smoke? grass

    What did you take? nothing

    What did you want to be? Doctor

    Who did you fight? Some idiots in the year above

    Who/What did you believe in? God - but not in the conventional way but as an entity all the same.

    Where did you go? Red lion, Holywell, FLint

    What did you learn? Your on your own, mates matter etc etc


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