mark goddard @ bc

Where are you? Vancouver, British Columbia

What are you? usually alone

What do you make? lampshades. tea. too many quick judgements about others.

What do you love? morrissey. good-byes. overcast days. my mum and dad. my brother and sister. my room. my hands. sleep. jacob.

What do you hate? superstores. insults thrown at me by strangers. the fact that i am capable of being as wicked as hitler or stalin. i know iíve got it in me.

What do you listen to? smiths, morrissey, tortoise, aphex twin, squarepushers, bjork, portisehead, apollo 440, juno reactor, new order, pbs, morcheeba

What do you watch? baraka and anything by tim burton

What do you drink? tea

What do you smoke? the occasional fag

What do you take? nytol

What do you believe in? grace

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you? vancouver, british columbia

    What were you? my grungy boyfriendís parasite

    What did you wear? boots, dirty clothes, piercings. anything that embarrassed my parents.

    What did you listen to? the cure, pink floyd, smiths, nirvana, blind melon, sloan, sugarcubes, more of the cure.

    What did you watch? saturday night live and star wars.

    What did you love? science fiction, tea, smokes, writing for super long periods of time. the goal being to lose track of time.

    What did you hate? when i would come home totally screwed up on who knows what, my older brother, and best friend, would clean me up, tuck me in, and stand in my doorway crying. i hated that. alot.

    What did you drink? anything besides rum.

    What did you smoke? weed.

    What did you take? anything i could get cheap.

    What did you want to be? Goldberry, a character in JRR Tolkienís fantasy trilogy

    Who did you fight? = authority. i questioned it without ceasing for many years.

    Who/What did you believe in? nothing, really.

    Where did you go? = to south america by myself. i couldnít even speak spanish. insane days.

    What did you learn? everyone is a fucking pro, and they all got answers for trouble, you know. all gotta say what you should or shouldnít do, but they donít have a clue." lyrics by Elliot Smith

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