adam hammerman @ internet

Where are you? in my bedroom in st. louis, missouri. listening to coltrane. almost 2 in the morning. digesting delicious soft shelled crab. whimsical limbo.

What are you? how ‘bout what i’m not - no longer a student at northwestern university majoring in performance studies and feeling on top of the world.

What do you make? one person shows about andy warhol. web sites. electronic music for interrupting college classes. computer animations.

What do you love? my family. jessica, my girlfriend, who celebrated a birthday today. my dog, o’neill, who loves american cheese... please send him some. richard brautigan.

What do you hate? i don’t know. i don’t spend much time thinking about what i hate. maybe when too much focus is placed on individuality and originality. having to think about making money. putting other people down.

What do you listen to? yo la tengo. stereolab. belle and sebastian. gbv. pavement. luna. vu. tom waits. radiohead. early r.e.m. phantom soup.

What do you watch? not much tv. ‘cept when the st. louis cardinals are playing. oh... and dr. katz. my favorite movie is ‘stranger than paradise’

What do you drink? lots of orange gatorade.

What do you smoke? don’t.

What do you take? nothing for granted.

What do you believe in? the ability to transform everyday life into something magical and beautiful and sad and funny.

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you?

    What were you?

    What did you wear?

    What did you listen to?

    What did you watch?

    What did you love?

    What did you hate?

    What did you drink?

    What did you smoke?

    What did you take?

    What did you want to be?

    Who did you fight?

    Who/What did you believe in?

    Where did you go?

    What did you learn?

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