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Where are you? In my bed, surrounded by big pillows, looking out of the windows and not going to work.

What are you? happy, sad, on my own, in love.

What do you make? music, noise, jokes, cakes.

What do you love? music, white chocolate, life, a girl with long dark hair.

What do you hate? advertisements.

What do you listen to? galaxie 500, luna, pulp, smiths, jesus and mary chain, magnetic fields, pet shop boys, cocteau twins, belle and sebastian.

What do you watch? teletext.

What do you drink? guinness, hooch, jack daniels.

What do you smoke? nothing.

What do you take? nothing.

What do you believe in? love.

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you? school in dewsbury, west yorkhire, doing o-levels, getting hay fever.

    What were you? shy and insecure and listening to the smiths and sad.

    What did you wear? I prefer not to think about it.

    What did you listen to? smiths, bruce springsteen and u2 I was confused, okay!!!

    What did you watch? the gong show.

    What did you love? a girl in my class who asked me out once and I was too shy to say yes.

    What did you hate? everything else.

    What did you drink? lager, cider, holsten pils, southern comfort.

    What did you smoke? nothing.

    What did you take? nothing.

    What did you want to be? film maker.

    Who did you fight? Gary Driver - punched him in the stomach, he punched back, much harder.

    Who/What did you believe in? nothing.

    Where did you go? Leeds, Bradford, day rovers, ah the memories...

    What did you learn?

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