jb hiller @ internet

Where are you? among the dull blemishes of suburbia

What are you? a person of many emotionally traumatic experiences

What do you make? logical contributions to the idiocy of society

What do you love? deftones and dr pepper... in that order

What do you hate? see the litterbox http://www.smartlink.net/Ehiller/april/litterbox.htm.... but in general; people with no compassion and broken cigarettes

What do you listen to? the voices in my head that say turn on the deftones

What do you watch? the simplicity of life run away from me

What do you drink? flaming dr peppers

What do you smoke? marlboro lights 100s and sherman MCDs

What do you take? anything that would look cool on my coffee table

What do you believe in? that i have no belief in hope

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you? under a cloud of superficiality

    What were you? a dissident

    What did you wear? clothes that looked cool and a fake smile

    What did you listen to? bob marley and your mom

    What did you watch? reality's hand rapidly approaching my face

    What did you love? sleeping to escape

    What did you hate? people

    What did you drink? dr pepper

    What did you smoke? stuff

    What did you take? even more stuff

    What did you want to be? a marine biologist like every other schoolboy/girl in the world

    Who did you fight? your mom

    Who/What did you believe in? that there was no way in hell things get better

    Where did you go? to my room

    What did you learn? absolutely nothing but the fact that humanity is inherently relentless


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