jim shepherd @ jasmine minks

Where are you? Croydon,UK

What are you? Teacher and Musician

What do you make? Anarchic kids and sane music

What do you love? singers with passion, rhythms that pulsate

What do you hate? Tories, racists, shiny pop music, big motorbikes

What do you listen to? anything once,but frequently temptations, lee perry, shostakovich, pere ubu, alabama 3

What do you watch? the bill, countdown

What do you drink? herbal tea, strong fresh coffee, guinness

What do you smoke? nothing

What do you take? daily exercise

What do you believe in? socialism from below, work is basically a good thing but capitalism has fucked it up for most of us.

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you? Aberdeen,Scotland

    What were you? Apprentice Electrician

    What did you wear? drainpipe jeans, pink t-shirt and a lop-sided grin

    What did you listen to? Wire, Buzzcocks, PiL, Bowie, TRB, Clash, Patrik Fitzgerald, UK Subs, Television, Jam

    What did you watch? Revolver, Grange Hill

    What did you love? being contrary, the punk lifestyle, pogoing, weekends

    What did you hate? work, having no money, my dad,aberdeen, country and western, old trying to be new

    What did you drink? McEwans Export, tea

    What did you smoke? nothing

    What did you take? magic mushrooms, everything seriously

    What did you want to be?

    Who did you fight? bikers, not from choice

    Who/What did you believe in? anarchy, a future punk society, guitar power pop

    Where did you go? students' union - only place I'd get in, gigs every chance I got.

    What did you learn? barre chords, that I had nothing in common with most young people, old guys were great, change is a wonderful thing.


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