jj @ Fantastic Records

Where are you? in my cozy kitchen in my swank bachlorette pad in the lovely city of ann arbor in the fair mitten shaped state of michigan

What are you? by day: i inspect houses that are being built by people who have loans through various credit unions to build their own houses. By afternoon/evening; i run Fantastic Records and play music.

What do you make? the finest in frantically cool pop... and good food when i have the time

What do you love? my sweetie, my family, my friends, my farfisa, my life in general... oh yeah, and music.

What do you hate? bad drivers... that damn Winterfresh gum ad that's on the TV every 5 minutes... the phenomenon that is michigan space rock, the phrase, not necessarily the music, though i'll admit i'm not too keen on some of the music either.

What do you listen to? poundsign, photek and pharoah, stereolab, springheel jack and sun ra, magnetic fields, monaural, and miles. oh yeah, and boyracer and NPR, national public radi. that's just a represenative sample of course.

What do you watch? X-files, Cartoon Plane and ER

What do you drink? spiced ethiopian tea, pop, tom collins, wyders pear cider.

What do you smoke? the occasional cigarette and the occasional spliff

What do you take? advil, feminax; i stocked up at Boots last time i was in England

What do you believe in? love and friendship and that its ok to ask for help.

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you? Bland, er, Grand Rapids Michigan at EGR High.

    What were you? the manager, ie stat keeper and ankle taper of the Varsity Boys Soccer team... an honor roll student

    What did you wear? jeans, ralph lauren rugby shirts from the outlet store that sold 'imperfect' merchandise and big wool sweaters.

    What did you listen to? complete crap until trevor toppen, one of the soccer players made me a tape with New Order, Love and Rockets, Mighty Lemon Drops, the Smiths and other such stuff on it and took me to Vinyl Solution, thus altering my life, or at least my bank accoun, forever.

    What did you watch? soccer games

    What did you love? reading... skiing... driving around in my friend's Jeep with New Order and the Smiths blaring

    What did you hate? the majority of people at my high school.

    What did you drink? hot chocolate, gatorade, pop, milk.

    What did you smoke? nada

    What did you take? nada

    What did you want to be?

    Who did you fight? my little sister; she can still kick my butt

    Who/What did you believe in? myself

    Where did you go? Vinyl Solution, Cannonsburg, the ski area, Denny's, up and down 28th street.

    What did you learn? that the opinions of most other people don't matter a whit and that as long as you have one or two good friends you'll be fine.

    April 1997

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