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Where are you? In my flat in Dublin.

What are you? Sick with flu. Not in work.

What do you make? Currently, globs of snot. Generally, I make myself bored. and records that no-one buys.

What do you love? My friends. My family. My favourite records.

What do you hate? The punks who gave me a kicking 4 years ago.

What do you listen to? Records that make me feel something, anything. Captain Beefheart.

What do you watch? Chris Morris programmes.

What do you drink? Guinness, whiskey, chocolate milk, milk.

What do you smoke? Nowt.

What do you take? Vitamins.

What do you believe in? Me and my friends.

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you? Suburban house in Dublin.

    What were you? A rocker, obsessed with thrash metal and they might be giants...

    What did you wear? Denim jeans, spray on jacket. Black t-shirts.

    What did you listen to?

    What did you watch?

    What did you love? My dog.

    What did you hate?

    What did you drink? Cider.

    What did you smoke?

    What did you take?

    What did you want to be? A drummer.

    Who did you fight?

    Who/What did you believe in? Power chords.

    Where did you go? Fields,friends houses...

    What did you learn? That metal was crap, that while I was growing my hair, everyone else was getting drunk and meeting girls.

    august 1998

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