kate @ edc

Where are you? East Devon College… A computer room

What are you? human thing

What do you make? cakes

What do you love? my boyfriend and alistair

What do you hate? wallpaper

What do you listen to? celine dion cos er’s luverly

What do you watch? chucklevision

What do you drink? cow’s wee

What do you smoke? human bone

What do you take? asprin

What do you believe in? me

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you? down the friggin shite ball

    What were you? sad punk manics shaz with a curly perm and those silly pedal pushy trousery typey thingys

    What did you wear? oh shit i’ve already done that um..... o.k i wore tight nylon cycling shorts with ten tank tops

    What did you listen to? manic street preaaaaaaaaaaaaaachers eek eh

    What did you watch? stars in their eyes

    What did you love? barry gibb

    What did you hate? barry gibb

    What did you drink? barry gibb

    What did you smoke? barry gibb

    What did you take? olde bazza again

    What did you want to be? barry gibb

    Who did you fight? sharon gibb um o.k then dunno

    Who/What did you believe in? richey’s underpants

    Where did you go? richey’s underpants

    What did you learn? that it smelt a bit

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