marco @ cologne

Where are you? Cologne, Germany... in fact I live in one of the suburbs called Porz... which is as ugly as most suburbs are

What are you? a band member of KRANK. DTP/EP-Operator at the German Aerospace Research Centre (DLR) which is something like the german NASA. A fanzine editor in near future.

What do you make? music (mostly), trying to make people smile (if I'm in a good mood too), organizing parties and club events (occasionally), managing the cultural centre where those events take place.

What do you love? music (mostly), record shopping & listening, short vacations in Holland, Friet speciaal, travelling, live shows, skyscrapers & huge cities, italian food.

What do you hate? people who always talk loud, arrogant assholes, Neonazis, fruits in my meals, Beck's Beer.

What do you listen to? records.... Pavement!!! lots of other indie guitarpop but also some other electronic stuff like ambient etc. tapes. good shows on the radio.

What do you watch? the Simpsons, Wah Wah on Viva & maybe some other music programmes, some german tv-zines like "Privatfernsehen" which you probably won't know, also movies.

What do you drink? Water, Coke, Tea, coffee, Juice, Koelsch (locally brewed beer in Cologne), Wine.

What do you smoke? nothing.

What do you take? Guarana Tea and coffeine pills in extreme situations at the most.

What do you believe in? at least not god.

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you? oh my god.... in Cologne, Porz... was born here and never got away....

    What were you? An unhappy pupil.

    What did you wear? Nike or Adidas boots, Edwin Jeans, Sweatshirts... everyone had them and I was silly enough to want them too....

    What did you listen to? very mainstream-y stuff at that time... Pink Floyd, Yes, Joy Division, New Order etc.

    What did you watch? don't know... stupid tv series I guess.

    What did you love? an older girl who barely noticed me.

    What did you hate? what I hate now.

    What did you drink? tried to get used drinking beer. lots of sweet beverages like Fanta, Coke etc.

    What did you smoke? nothing.

    What did you take? nothing.

    What did you want to be? a lucky person. a pilot. cool.

    Who did you fight? the people and things I hated. some teachers.

    Who/What did you believe in? maybe someone like god at that time.

    Where did you go? nowhere, alas.

    What did you learn? that I don't want to live through that time again

    April 1997

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