Keith mclachlan @ the world

Where are you? in a library with no books in my overly ambitious brother’s lovely home feeling the chill of the evening air and drinking orange juice

What are you? after today I think I am an excellent friend, also a graduate student, overeducated do-nothing, shy anti-hero

What do you make? I make mental whirlpools that draw all sense of sanity and logic in and flush them down the drain

What do you love? love florence, alfred jarry, my dog, rice and beans, strawberries on cornflakes, friends, patricia

What do you hate? hate I hate the fact that I have learned to talk my way out of anyone’s heart

What do you listen to? listen hefner is my new obsession, belle and sebastian, gorky’s, super furries, chills, verlaines, third eye foundation, squarepusher, push kings, godzuki, his name is alive, able tasmans, arab strap, pram, etc...

What do you watch? simpsons, history channel, x-files, learning channel, nickelodeon, cnbc, discover, coen brothers movies, movies with kevin spacey in them, strangers eat lunch,

What do you drink? drink not much, water, juice, occasionally alcohol if I am not that inspired

What do you smoke? nothing

What do you take? too much grief from most people

What do you believe in? love and lysander spooner

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you? at this time I was about to start university

    What were you? a completely out of place social leper

    What did you wear? chucks, jeans and smiths tee shirts

    What did you listen to? smiths, echo and the bunnymen, rem, I think now was about the time I became obsessed with the stone roses, madchester…

    What did you watch? cheers, nova

    What did you love? any girl who would talk to me, school

    What did you hate? school mates

    What did you drink? just enough to keep me hydrated

    What did you smoke? nothing

    What did you take? too many science courses not enough humanities

    What did you want to be? an engineer

    Who did you fight? myself

    Who/What did you believe in? morrissey, whoever gave mike dukakis that silly tank helmet

    Where did you go? drove up the alaska highway that summer, all the way with my brothers. I also went from 5’4 to 6’

    What did you learn? lonely days tend to multiply

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